We launched our new project on the Good Exchange for 2020 in January: ‘More than a roof – providing a home and support for young people’.

The project seeks funding to expand our service for young people, and to enhance the support that we are able to provide. During 2019/2020, we calculate that we need to raise £16,700.

Children in the Care System and young people who are/have been homeless have often had “fractured lives”. This can include being moved from place to place, which can create a sense of instability and “not belonging”.

Children and young people in the care system also experience significantly worse mental health concerns than their peers. More specifically they are more likely to have experienced a number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) than their peers. ACE’s are stressful or traumatic events which children and young people can be exposed to.

This year we aim to enable access to external therapeutic services for young people who need and want to use them. This could include a wide range of therapeutic interventions, e.g. • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy • Counselling • Art Therapy • Dramatherapy. This would be sourced via qualified and experienced professionals in their respective fields.

We are also seeking funding towards outings/activities for the young people. This is to enable them to have fun, relax and learn new skills they may not have had the opportunity to experience before.

We are seeking funding towards the cost of the training for our staff. This could include: Domestic Abuse, Mental Health, Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Criminal Exploitation, Safeguarding and First Aid. Additionally funds will cover staff travel expenses, office rent and IT costs.

Please see the Good Exchange website for more details on our current project which is now live.